list of unfinished business

  1. Videos in my "proyectos" folder

    Details about the videos and any associated projects.

  2. "Watch Later" list on YouTube

    Details about the videos I've saved to watch later.

  3. Unread Books and Magazines

    Titles and thoughts on why I picked them.

  4. RC Car Assembly

    Steps needed to assemble the RC car.

  5. Bike Engine Project

    Plan for assembling the bike engine into a bike.

  6. List of "Books to Read"

    A list of books I'm interested in reading with brief descriptions.

  7. OneTab

    Links saved in OneTab for quick access and to decrease browser tab clutter.

  8. Google Keep Ideas

    Various notes and ideas saved in Google Keep.

  9. YouTube Video Ideas

    Potential ideas for future YouTube videos.

  10. Video Props

    Props collected for use in videos.

  11. Piano Course

    Details about the piano course I've purchased.

  12. Domain Names

    List of domain names I've purchased and their intended uses.

    • coscorrodrift
    • Real name (active, needs updates)
    • Initials
    • Last name domain hack (for email)
    • iknowplaces (Tumblr, had another plan)
    • cochescuriosos (redirects to Airtable)
    • Erasmus site
    • betteroffalone
    • dripshipping (intended as a funny online dropshipping store)
    • cozies (uncertain purpose)
    • ho.oh
  13. Places to Go List

    Locations I wish to visit, with details and plans.

  14. Tidy Up My Room

    Plan and areas of focus for tidying up my room.

  15. Car Museum Project

    Concept and planning for a car museum project.

  16. Writing Projects

    Ideas for potential writing projects, including themes and narratives.