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Pink Star

I'm making this about page in the spirit of the about-ideas-now site, so it's going to have a Q&A-like structure

according to that manifesto, the about page is about the past: how i see myself and what brought me here, so i'm going to be answering questions inspired by that


I like cars, the internet, i like to make videos, more of a poaster than a lurker since the early days

How would I describe myself and my journey so far? What brought me to where i am now?

I'm making this website to have my "corner of the internet", and I think I have that want in the first place because I've always enjoyed being online, in forums, on meme websites and rage comic sites, watching and making videos, etc., but always being part of the small percentage who likes to also upload things. I've been more of a poster than a lurker basically since i was little. Maybe because i was shy IRL, or maybe i've gotten more shy over time, but still kept posting.

i explain my journey in more detail in my youtube channel, i've made a video telling my life story, basically. You can watch it here, i've added an AI generated transcript as well.

What are some of my key interests and passions? Why are they important to me?

I've always been a big car lover/gearhead, and among gearheads i'm a "variety" person. When I was a kid i wanted to know "every car brand", and I still carry some of that. Despite that, I haven't worked in industry, haven't owned many cars, haven't really gone to the track often, etc. I'm not a big "car guy" by many metrics

I talk more about my history with cars in this video

my next big interest is probably youtube, that's the one I've been more close to in my recent past, altho my history with it does go way back, but it's what i spend most of my time doing.

some other interests i have are music (mostly listening, but i do know a little bit of music theory, composing, and play a couple instruments, technology (webdev and the tech industry, ai, all the things happening around there), fashion (women's fashion mainly), other vehicles like planes, trucks, etc, travel/geography related stuff, business/entrepeneurship, I think i list some in my hire me page

Are there any significant milestones or achievements I'd like to highlight? Personal, professional, or educational milestones.

I am a mechanical engineer, I've done a free full stack webdev online bootcamp, i've been part of a student racing team, i've made a video series with over 100 videos, i've streamed on youtube for over 100 days, i've written over 100k words in long (1000char+) youtube comments.

personally, the happiest i've been was probably in 2019 during erasmus

What motivates me or drives me in your daily life? Any specific values or goals.

i think i'm a curious person, that's probably my main strength and my main driver.