I'm making this "Ideas" page in the spirit of the about-ideas-now site, it's a page about the things I'd like to do/see happening in the future

Bucketlist type things

this section is inspired by Artur Piszek's bucketlist, I probably found it through his wife MadeInCosmos

I have a twitter thread of stuff i'd like to do called "Things i want" so here they are:

Places i want to go to

this could probably be combined with the "bucket list" thing above because it's places i'd like to go to, but it's more of a "these things have caught my interest if i were to go there" than "bucketlist" type places

there are probably some places in my bucketlist that i could move here, and viceversa though

This is the link to the page (it's a markdown page from my personal obsidian vault that i've converted to html, therefore there may be things in spanish, broken image links, things that only make sense to me, etc. i'll polish it over time)

List of unfinished business

My list of unfinished business is a collection of ideas i've had and haven't finished executing on.

i write them out in case someone wants to steal them, give tips or ideas on how to finish them, help me finish them, give me encouragement on some and discouragement on others, etc.