this is a "full-time" hire-me page, for gigs or small things check out my "pay me page" (well, or part time, but distinct from gig work)

if you're reading this, i think these are the main positions you may want to hire me for:

  1. Youtube/Video work

    I have edited video professionally for clients i found through my twitter network.

    I've made well over 100 videos about personal interests of mine.

    I'm also deeply interested in youtube: have watched a ton of really varied stuff, have written over 100k words in (long) youtube comments often providing well-received feedback, i like to think about how information is organized on youtube (timestamping, for example), etc.

  2. Youtube consulting

    I am also open to more "full-stack" youtube positions, and other kinds of work that are higher level like content strategy, more analytical positions, help with blocks and pain points in starting or growing.

    This is the site I have with the "pitch" and some testimonials.

  3. Writing work

    I have technical writing experience in engineering since college (motorcycle state of the art) and afterwards (aerospace engineering R&D state of the art, coding documentation)

    I have also written over 100k words in youtube comments over 300 words long (long comments, a lot over 1000 words) giving feedback, sharing my situation and thoughts over a lot of topics.

    I've also done a more exploratory writing commission with Visa where he commissioned me to review 40 posts from his 1000 Word Vomits project. I assessed the posts, commenting on individual posts directly as well as producing a one-page summary of my observations.

  4. Developer relations work

    My video and writing work above, as well as over 100 livestreams in addition to that, paired with huge familiarity with discord (moderator since 2015) and avid twitter presence, as well as software engineering knowledge (i participated in the #100devs program) make me a good fit for those types of roles

i'm open to hearing any type of offers even if they don't fit those positions:

there is a lot of possible overlap between many of these things:

so if you think my profile fits the bill for your company i'd like to hear from you

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