this is the page with my payment links, if you don't believe exchange of value is needed for currency moving hand; and gig-like work i want to take, if you feel like it is needed

my ethos for this page is that I think this is a fun way of acquiring clients, I have a video where i express why this excites me

if you want to hire me full time, refer to my hire me page

payment links

gig work

this section was inspired by this tweet by Catherine Olsson

  1. Youtube Channel report

    I will watch and analyze your videos (or a set of them) and write a report on them.

    You can find the "pitch" on this website of mine , basically, I have watched a ton of YouTube in an attentive and conscious way and I think I’ve picked up an eye for what the different kinds of “meta” are and the principles behind them. I’ve learned some of the ways some people I admire do it and I believe I can help implement this for others. (My personal process looks different for particular reasons, but I still think my perspective can help others even if I don't apply it myself)

    I have also written a ton of words (over 100k, just counting comments over 1000 characters long) in feedback in YouTube comment sections over the years with a positive response.

    This is an example of what a report could look like (this was done based on a short channel overview and one video)

  2. Video editing

    I have edited video for clients I found on twitter, both for posting on socials and youtube videos

    This is my video reel playlist with examples of longform, shortform, more casual, more professional edits.

  3. Fund a video idea of mine

    I have several ideas that I'd like to record if I had the funding:

    • Getting the Panera Death Lemonade in NYC: this is my thread explaining it
    • Trip to eastern europe: based on this tweet, just a trip exploring whether that particular stereotype is true and visiting brutalist/soviet era buildings

    I don't have any reward planned but if you have a company or a project I would gladly put you as title sponsor, or if you're just an individual as some kind of "producer" role

  4. Various experiments

    I'm also open to experiments.

    An example of an online gig experiment i did is my dive into visa's archives.

    He commissioned me to review 40 posts from his 1000 Word Vomits project. I assessed the posts, commenting on individual posts directly as well as producing a one-page summary of my observations.